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Learning Platform

Below you can find the DEMO or DIE Learning Platform.


The SKIN code, For organizations who want to adopt the product but also modified it (re-code) according to its needs.

EN, GR, PT, ES – one file per language:


DEMO OR DIE | Moodle disciplines

Zipped Moodle, with the skin – For organizations which already have and use Moodle and want to import the SKIN to their Moodle.

EN, GR, PT, ES – one file per language:

MOODLE Disciplines

DEMO OR DIE | Moodle platform

Zipped Moodle platform, with a zip for the platform, a zip for the moodledata, back up from the database for migrating the server and instructions, with the SKIN already in there but with no users/registers – For organizations that want to use the skin as it is with the least effort possible.

MOODLE platform

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