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Project Partners

Meet our partners bellow.

  • Aitiip - Centro Tecnológico

    AITIIP Technological Centre (AITIIP) is a non-profit private entity which goal is to increase the competitiveness of the companies in manufacturing industry, and as well as to spread knowledge and to transfer the know-how to face new technological challenges. Its R+D department has three strong research lines: composites and nano and biomaterials, manufacturing processes (including FA) and product development.

  • Brunel University London

    Brunel University London (UBRUN) is a dynamic institution with over 15,000 students and nearly 900 staff. With a turnover of more than £160 million, the University is a centre for Higher Education and research establishment with considerable intellectual, financial and social resources as a major contribution to the economy and community of the West London region. It also plays a significant role...

  • EWF - European Welding Federation

    An international non-profit association aiming at the collaboration in the study and solution of manufacturing related problems and the removal of technical barriers. The exchange of scientific and technical information, the preparation of harmonised rules for the education and training of personnel involved in welding, joining and related technologies, and manufacturing.

  • FAN3D - The Additive Company

    Favorite Answer is an engineering consulting company, whose purpose is to provide all the tools and knowledge it has in its vast area, in order to ensure that its client reaches its objectives.

  • ISQ - Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade

    ISQe, a company of the ISQ group, is today a reference company in the Portuguese market, a leader in the development and implementation of talent management, digital learning experiences and human capital solutions.

  • LMS - Laboratory for manufacturing Systems and Automation

    The Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) is oriented on research and development in cutting edge scientific and technological fields. LMS is involved in a number of research projects funded by the CEU and European industrial partners. Particular emphasis is given to the co-operation with the European industry as well as with a number of "hi-tech" firms. LMS is under the direction and technical coordination of Professor George Chryssolouris.

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