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DEMO OR DIE | National Piloting (E4) By EWF

Brunel University London conducted a series of sessions for the National Piloting (E4) in the United Kingdom on 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th April 2022 at Brunel University London. To widen the participation an impact of training a second series of piloting activities was conducted during summer on 7th June 2022 at Everyone’s Warehouse and again on 9th June 2022 at Brunel University London Lecture Centre.

Over 50 participants were attracted to learn about 3D Printing for Material Extrusion Process. The training was delivered by Dr Giselle Loh from Brunel University, covering the five Competence Units for:

  • CU A (Material Extrusion Overview);
  • CU B (Introduction to CAD);
  • CU C (Design for Material Extrusion);
  • CU D (3D Printer Operation & Applications);
  • CU E (Do-It-Yourself).

It was extremely heartening to see the participants being fully engaged by asking questions in a face-to-face format, and with demonstration sessions on the use of TinkerCAD and its features. The formative assessments kept the learners motivated and many of them fully completed the full course with a summative assessment.

We take this opportunity to thank Andres Muniz from "Every One. Every Day." which is a Participatory City Foundation based in Barking and Dagenham for the use of Everyone’s Warehouse for hosting the piloting session on 7th June.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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