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DEMO OR DIE | Boosting DOD and 3D Printing training activities in the Portuguese Landscape By EWF

The Portuguese vocational training centre CENFIM (VOCATIONAL TRAINING IN METALLURGY AND METALWORKING INDUSTRY) is Associate Partner of the Demo or Die project, since November 2021. The partnership is enabling a wider diffusion of the project results in terms of national learning/training and dissemination activities.

CENFIM is a national protocol centre, which promotes the training, orientation and professional enhancement of the Human Resources of the Metallurgical, Metalworking and Electromechanical Sector. CENFIM has 13 Vocational Training Centers in the main Portuguese cities of: Amarante, Arcos de Valdevez, Caldas da Rainha, Ermesinde, Lisbon, Marinha Grande, Oliveira de Azeméis, Peniche, Porto, Santarém, Sines with a pole in Grândola, Torres Vedras and Trofa.

The geographical implementation in 15 areas with a greatest concentration of companies in the metallurgical, metalworking and electromechanical sector, ensure close proximity with local companies, bringing together education and industrial fields and resulting in high employability rates in the mentioned regions. The main features of CENFIM as training centresers are listed below:

  • High technical, technological and pedagogical know-how
  • Skills in all areas of the training process
  • Innovation and development in training processes and methods
  • Consulting, technical and organizational support in the implementation of integrated training plans and strategic and organizational development
  • Knowledge and interactivity with Metallurgical, Metalworking, Electromechanical and Related Sector Companies
  • Consolidated partnerships with companies, organizations and institutions, schools, polytechnics, universities at national and international level
  • Coordination and development of innovative national and transnational cooperation projects
  • Environment, hygiene, safety and health policy
  • Social responsibility
  • Human Resources

In the last months, from May to July, 2022, CENFIM has actively promoted DOD national pilot events in Lisboa and Marinha Grande. The trainings were delivered by CENFIM trainers, João Garcia (for the region of Lisbon) and Paula Almeida (for the region of Marinha Grande)

In total, 24 participants attended the pilot training to increase their level of knowledge, skills and competences in 3D Printing. The training included the principles of three-dimensional computer-aided-design (3D CAD) modelling, solid modelling practices, fundamental execution parameters, tools, workflow processes and operating desktop 3D printers, printing material extrusion (MEX) overview, introduction to CAD, design for material extrusion, 3D Printer operation and practical application- At the end of the training they had a case study called "Do It Yourself" to apply what they had learned. Participants said that "it was surprising and satisfying to see the result". The overall feedback was quite positive, specially concerning the possibility to learn about the "new" technology, which is becoming more and more essential in nowadays manufacturing industry.

DoD pilot training activities were completed end of July, in order to validate the developed materials and tools, and ensuring that more students can gain and improve their knowledge and skills in the 3D printing field with polymers and desktop printers.

The project is funded by the Portuguese National Agency, under the framework of the Erasmus + Programme and will end on 30.10.2022. DoD partners are from Portugal, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom and Belgium. You can find more information about each partner organisation here.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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