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DEMO OR DIE | Contunuing DOD and 3D Printing training activities in Portugal By EWF

FAN3D is proceeding piloting activities “Material Extrusion 3D Printing Design and Operations” this time at ATEC in Portugal.

ATEC – Training Academy, established in December 2003, is the outcome of a project conceived by the promoters Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Siemens, Bosch and the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the support of the Portuguese Government, aiming to provide Portugal with a Training structure that would meet the needs of the Industrial cluster in terms of staff training and qualification. ATEC’s core business is the professional qualification of youngsters in several technical areas. Its training methodologies combine theory and practice, allowing trainees to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real working context in various partner companies, so that trainees can apply and extend their knowledge. Simultaneously, ATEC also develops upskilling and reskilling training programs for companies. Due to the work carried out so far, ATEC Training Academy has been gaining merit both nationwide and at an increasing international level.ATEC has facilities and equipment in 4 Portuguese cities namely Palmela, Matosinhos, Cascais and São João da Madeira, and also reaches trainees via eLearning. Overall, ATEC has around 1300 trainees in total per day.

ATEC specializes in vocational training and training programs for companies on the following topics:

  • Electronics, Robotics and Automation;
  • Car Mechatronics;
  • Industrial Mechanic;
  • IT;
  • Personal and Organizational Development.

ATEC is a certified training entity since 2004 by DGERT (governmental entity responsible for training organizations, employment, and labor relations). Its Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Additionally, in 2006, ATEC was acknowledge by the Prime-Minister as Public Utility Institution according to Decree no. 11 707/2006, published on the 31st of May 2006. ATEC invited Fan3D to pilot “Material Extrusion 3D Printing Design and Operations” training which is developed to increase the knowledge, skills, and competencies in general understanding of 3D Printing, Design, and Operation of desktop 3D Printers. The training was provided on 27th, 28th, and 29th of June 2022 at ATEC’s training complex by Tiago Nuncio and Philip Carvalho who are trainers and engineers at FAN3D.

During the three days, 16 trainees participated with full enthusiasm, attention and interest to learn about the following topics:

  • CU A (Material Extrusion Overview);
  • CU B (Introduction to CAD);
  • CU C (Design for Material Extrusion);
  • CU D (3D Printer Operation & Applications).

Due to the interactive nature of the training, trainees applied their knowledge in different activities, such as self-assessing with quizzes, playing DoD game, or initiating discussions. Furthermore, on the last day, they practiced what they learnt in the CU E “Do-It-Yourself” project, and they had chance to print their own parts in the final.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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