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DEMO OR DIE | National Conference in Spain By EWF

The DoD conference took place during an AM Roadshow in Spain , from 22 to 29 September, and 4th and 6th October 2022,covering the cities of Guipuzcoa, Tajonar, in Navarre, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. Through a cooperation between AITIIP and SICNOVA, that organizes the show, DoD activities were included reaching more participants that expected.

During the AM tour, success stories and applications of 3D technologies were shared, as well as DoD results. The conference combined industrial 3D printing topics with educational topics (DoD presentation), as all of them were applicable in their company. The ease of access to the materials was very much appreciated. Both the organisation of the Roadshow and the ATIIP facilities where it was held were also highly valued by the participants.

As consumers of 3D printing technologies, participants showed great interest in the activities developed during the project, especially that they could learn asynchronously whenever and wherever they wanted through the DoD online platform and resources, as they could use it with their employees without having to wait for the dates of a course as it is the case with synchronous training.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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