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DEMO OR DIE | National Conference in the Greece By EWF

The DEMO or DIE project conference in Greece took place under Athens Science Fair, from 21st to 23rd October, a festival devoted to Science and Innovation and an established cultural landmark in the field of Science, Technology, Innovation and Art in Greece. Athens Science Fair had over 10.000 attendees over the course of 3-days, with 1700 of them being young students, while more than 90 different academic, research and educational institutions participated.

DOD integration within the festival consisted in two different activities, namely a booth dedicated to 3D Printing and the DoD workshop devoted to the results presentation, as follows:

Day 1: 22/10 (10:00 – 20.00): DEMOorDIE booth dedicated to 3DP, including:
• Live demonstration of the MEX technology;
• Demonstration of the DoD Online Learning Platform;
• Other 3DP & educational related projects from LMS.

Day 2: 23/10 (14:00 – 17:00): 3 Hour Presentation on 3DP covering the following topics:
• Applications and Benefits of 3DP & 3DP Technologies Overview;
• Presentation of the DoD Project Results & CU(A)-CU(E) Highlights;
• DoD Online Platform Demonstration & Online Platform interactive testing

Over 800 visitors went through DoD booth during the 1st day of the exhibition, while about 60 people tried the 3D Printing for MEX Moodle platform. DoD booth visitors were mostly individuals interested in 3D Printing, either as a hobby or as learners. While the remaining were educators in STEM, VET, and HE institutions which were really interested in implementing the developed material in their organisations. Also, some members of the Greek industry and professionals in the field of manufacturing attended. For the 2nd day, about 35 participants joint the workshop session.

Participants impressions:
The most precious finding of the DoD National conference was the amount of interest from both academic, research and educational institutions and also individual attendees, in learning more about 3DP and in particular disseminating the DoD project results to a wider audience and inside their own institutions at a national level.

Participants involved in STEM education and/or other educational institutions greatly appreciated the quality of the DoD project developed material and also the benefit of having free and open access to it. Moreover, having a full course on MEX 3DP (most probably the only one available at the moment, in an open-source format) translated in Greek was another key advantage, especially for younger (15 to 18-year-old) learners. Thus, they were extremely interested in implementing the DoD course and/or learning platform in their institutions/schools and other STEM activities like Robotics Clubs etc.

In the overall, both the interest and the satisfaction level regarding DoD activities were high, as the live demonstration of MEX 3DP & Videos of the DoD Project results were eye catching for younger people, hobbyists and kids. For the attendees more interested in transferring the knowledge developed from the DoD project, they were very happy to learn that all the material developed was open-source and also available in their native language. Lastly, a few attendees were more interested in the industrial applications of the 3DP technologies and related RTD projects.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible
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